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Album or EP Campaign

Facilitation of and twelve (12) week long campaign to secure media coverage within Canadian media outlets. The Album or EP Campaign includes:

  • A 30 minute to one hour “Start Date” call to obtain a comprehensive overview of the music and artist story.

  • The creation of a customized media pitch for distribution across Canadian media for first single and/or video.

  • The creation of a customized press release for the album for distribution across Canadian media.

  • Delivery of the custom pitch and press release to all relevant media outlets in Canada, including but not limited to: television, print, and non-commercial radio.

  • Distribution of custom pitch to clients’ personal list of contacts, if applicable.

  • The coordination of interviews (in person or online) when extended an invitation by media.

  • Five (5) customized performance/show/tour pitches to relevant local media.

  • A weekly report covering Bad Parade’s activities that week, interview requests, upcoming information, and press clippings

  • A final 30-minute phone call to summarize and provide feedback about the campaign.

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